Couples Therapy

Relationships are capable of bringing powerful feelings of happiness and contentment as well as anger, sadness, and anxiety. In the beginning, everything can feel so easy… both partners are excited to be together, interested in each other and appreciative of the differences between them. Yet somehow with time passing, things often start to change, feelings of frustration may begin to develop, and we can go from feeling understood and valued to feeling defensive, attacked and hopeless. Arguments, hurt feelings, emotional distance, and sexual indifference may start to become the new norm.

Therapy Details

My approach towards couples is to work out their differences/difficulties and create more intimacy and understanding in their relationship. The aim is not just to solve the problems, but to revive the feeling of love and affection people have towards each other. Acting as an observer and coach, I work to facilitate awareness of how people are interacting, teaching more productive ways of understanding and relating to one another. By learning how to communicate your feelings, from an open and non-defensive place, you will deepen and strengthen your emotional bond, giving yourself a sturdy foundation where you can feel more supported, understood and loved regardless of what issues arise.

Therapy Process

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Through the exploration of emotions, reactions, inter-relations, and behaviours, couples can identify and study their individual roles and the effect each has on the dynamic of the relationship.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology emphasizes positive emotions and character strengths. I will teach you how to identify positive moments as they happen that in turn show you the benefits of your partner and the relationship as a whole.

Analysing the Ways You Communicate

What may seem clear to you may not always be fully understood by your partner. Together we develop functional forms of communication that reduce misinterpretations and nurture understanding.

Exploring Unconscious Roots of Problems

Situations, such as childhood abuse or an unfaithful parent, can lead to unreasonable expectations in a relationship. By exploring such events, greater understanding is gained, unfair perceptions eliminated, and better relations built.