Emotionally focused therapy is generally a short-term (8-20 sessions) couples therapy approach, though it is also used

with families. It has been found that 70 to 75 percent of couples effectively move from distress to recovery using EFT and approximately 90 percent of couples show significant improvement in their relationships. EFT has a basis in clear and explicit conceptualizations of adult love and marital/relational distress. It is a collaborative approach that respects clients and helps them implement new strategies called “change strategies” and interventions.

Techniques of Emotionally Focused Therapy

Through the exploration of emotions, reactions, inter-relations, and behaviors, couples can identify and study their individual roles and the effect each has on the dynamic of the relationship. Each participant is encouraged to express their experiences and emotions in a non-judgmental and secure environment. By witnessing the release of feelings and anxieties of one partner, the other is able to gain new insight and perception into the validity and emotional state that their own actions and experiences have on the relationship as a whole. Without criticism or consequences, the partners are permitted to voice their deepest concerns and conflicts in order to address them and move beyond to develop more productive and collaborative behaviors.