“I am depressed all the time and I need a drink to relax and escape from my horrible life.”

“I want to change my job but don’t know how?”

“I am being pulled in every direction by things beyond my control.”

“Despite how hard I try, I am not successful and I just can’t figure out how to make it happen.”

Does any of this seem familiar?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, frustrated, or not satisfied in life? If so, a solution is to get professional counseling. Even the most motivated of us can get ‘caught up’ in hopelessness, stress and information overload, which destroys your energy, creativity, and keeps you from being your best and getting the most out of life. As a result, you can become so paralyzed by your responsibilities/life that you fall into an ongoing state of procrastination and have no idea how to get free and moving again.

Formal training in counseling, psychology, sociology, education, and interest in human behaviour gives me the insight and skills to know exactly how to help you to move ahead and beyond your fears, limiting beliefs and hidden obstacles that could be preventing you from reaching your highest potential.

Shanghai Counseling Services is here to help in getting you the needed support to get the most out of life.